Welcome to the IAMSBIRT Learning Community for Nurses!

Nurses, social workers, and site leaders all play important roles in the IAMSBIRT training initiative.

Nurses will be responsible for screening adolescent patients for alcohol and other drug use. Screening will be conducted with a brief measure called the S2BI (Screening to Brief Intervention). Results from the S2BI will allow the nurse to determine if a social worker consult is required.

All nurses participating in the IAMSBIRT training initiative will receive SBIRT training. In addition, staff in all three tracks - nurses, social workers, and leaders - will be asked to complete a series of anonymous brief online surveys.

Are you an IAMSBIRT nurse? Earn CNE credits for completing the training components below!

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Complete 30 Minutes Online Workshop on Screening (0.5 CNEs)

Optional (but encouraged) training components

Complete 3 Monthly Webinars (1 CNE each)

Attend In-Person Workshop (2 CNEs)




Questions? Email IAMSBIRT@brown.edu or call (401) 863-6869.

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