Welcome to the IAMSBIRT Learning Community for Site Leaders!

Nurses, social workers, and site leaders all play important roles in the IAMSBIRT training initiative. Site leaders will be responsible for general oversight of SBIRT implementation. Three leaders – one nurse, one social worker, and one physician – will be selected from each pediatric trauma center.

All site leaders will receive SBIRT training. Training for leaders includes an online orientation, an in-person workshop, monthly webinars, and monthly consultations with an external coach.

Staff in all three tracks—nurses, social workers, and leaders—will also be asked to complete a series of anonymous brief online surveys.

Are you an IAMSBIRT site leader? Earn CE credits (CME, CNE, or NASW) for completing the training components below!

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Complete 1 Hour Online Workshop on Screening and Brief Interventions (1 CE) 

Attend In-Person Workshop (2 CEs)

Participate in Leadership Planning Visit

Complete 3 Monthly Webinars (1 CE each)

Attend monthly coaching calls


Questions? Email IAMSBIRT@brown.edu or call (401) 863-6869.